Verifying a Twitter account

How to verify a Twitter account, and browse the verified users?
For a comprehensive overview of the verification process with the Chainlink Node, visit Twitter account verification.
Open the Verified Twitter accounts page from the menu
Explore the verified Twitter accounts from the menu.

Exploring verified Twitter accounts

You can browse the verified Twitter accounts in the Verified Twitter accounts page. Right there, you will find a list of Ethereum addresses that verified their ownership of a Twitter account. You can search an address or a handle using the
icon in the appropriate column.
The table associating Ethereum addresses to verified Twitter handles
Verified Twitter accounts associated with their Ethereum address

Verifying a Twitter account

There are two ways of verifying a Twitter account with an Ethereum address: from the App, or directly from the contract.

Using the App

The Verified Twitter accounts and Dashboard pages both provide a button for verifying a Twitter handle. Clicking it will open a Drawer that explains how it can be achieved.
The drawer that is opened when clicking on the button to verify a Twitter account
The Drawer that enables verifying a Twitter account.
When interacting with a promise, the instructions are nearly similar, except that the user don't need to input a username. It will try to verify the one that was provided during the creation.
Following this panel instructions, the verification can be done in a few simple steps:
  1. 1.
    Enter a valid Twitter handle.
  2. 2.
    Click the Send tweet button ; it will open Twitter with a pre-written text that will be read during the next step.
    • You can as well just copy the following proof, and navigate to Twitter on your own:
    Verifying my Twitter account for YOUR ADDRESS with @usePromise!
  3. 3.
    Click the Request verification button ; it will trigger a request to the Chainlink oracle, with your username and your address as parameters (detailed explanation here).
  4. 4.
    Just wait for the verification to be performed...
Once a Twitter handle is verified for an Ethereum address, it cannot be "unverified", or removed from the list ; it is the key purpose of this app.
Once verified, a Twitter handle won't need to be verified again for new promises. It will immediately be shown as verified for all promises.
After the verification is done, you can delete the tweet.

From the contract

The contract address to verify a Twitter handle directly from the contract
Click the contract address to navigate to Polygonscan.
The address of the contract is provided at the bottom of the Drawer. Clicking it will open Polygonscan to this address, allowing you to interact straight with the contract.
Once in the requestVerification function, you will need to provide the following parameter:
Example input
Your Twitter handle.
Before requesting the verification, you must tweet the following, from the same account:
Verifying my Twitter account for YOUR ADDRESS with @usePromise!
Once the request sent, you just need to wait until it's been completed.